Current Projects

Sinopec Green Energy Geothermal Development Co., Ltd
Sinopec Green Energy Geothermal Development Co., Ltd. (SGE) was founded in 2006 in the field of geothermal district heating and has since expanded into other green energy utilization techniques. It is a Sino-Foreign Joint Venture were Arctic Green Energy holds a 49% stake against Sinopec´s 51%. Since the first projects were established in Xianyang City of Shaanxi Province the company has expanded its operations into Hebei, Shandong and Jiangsu provinces. Today, SGE is the world´s largest geothermal district heating company with a 35% market share in China – providing heating for over a million customers through its proven method of green, clean and sustainable energy utilization.
Sinopec Green Energy currently has over 150 heat centrals, 3 waste heat projects and 1 geothermal heat pump project in operation, and has drilled close to 200 geothermal boreholes (third of which are re-injection boreholes). SGE´s geothermal projects were the world´s first to gain a United Nations Clean Development Mechanism registration and its district heating operations have saved close to 2 million tons of CO2 emissions to date.

Past Projects

Biliran Province Geothermal Power Plant
Arctic Green Energy (under the name of Orka Energy at the time) acquired the geothermal rights for a large concession in Biliran Province of the Philippines in 2011 with known energy production potential of over 300 MWe. Resource identification and evaluation was done by world reknown Icelandic scientists with the whole project designed by Icelandic geothermal technical experts. The construction and drilling is being supervised by an Icelandic management team and drilling company. The completed power plant will be the most technologically sophisticated geothermal power plant in Asia upon completion.
Arctic Green Energy successfully exited the project in 2015 with the name of Orka Energy remaining with the current shareholders.